"Thank you for taking headshots of Shelby, very amazing! Will definitely bring a lot of clients to you. Talk to you soon, and thanks again!"

"Thank you so much again, I can't pick between these actually! It's a tough one, they are so awesome looking! Thanks again!"

"Well I have some great news I would like to share with you.... I got cast as a supporting role in a SAG feature film and I am now officially going SAG now! I'm sure it was the great headshots from Stage 3 that got me the role. Thanks for everything, just wanted to keep you updated on my first break!"

"Thanks Andre, It was great meeting with you, AJ and Sandy. I love the pics. I will pick some out tonight and let you know which ones I like. I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future."

"Thank you sir! Shots are excellent, you will always have my business buddy!"

"What great work. Once we get some of these uploaded on our actors accounts, we can get some testimonials from the clients when I get direct audition requests for the talent which will happen with the new shots. It is unbelievable what mind set you have to get into when you look at a picture, just totally amazing of the different outlook of being able to read what type of person they are looking at and how their character is. Thanks again!"

"Hi I was told many great things about you. We are planning to bring my daughter soon to shoot some new headshots at Stage 3. She shot a couple commercials and a print there, it is such a nice studio."

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